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On the meanings of the word "free"

Para todas las almas generosas empeñadas en explicarme el significado de "free"

Como he comprobado a través de muchos pedagógicos, bienintencionados y, sobre todo educados comentarios a mi blog el elevado nivel de inglés de sus autores, aquí dejo una pequeña aclaración, también en inglés, para todos ellos, que espero que disipe su preocupación por mi capacidad para comprender la palabra "free".

Please, do stop patronizing me!

I understand perfectly well the several meanings of the word "free" in English. 

I'm also fully aware of what is "open software", its official definition and the different models existing to share, to diverse extents, a software product or its use.

What you seem to have chosen not to understand is that my point is not about what is (or is not) free software.

My point is: It is an author's (or developer's) right, and nobody else's, to choose how to sell, distribute or share her/his production.

I will repeat, just in case you have missed it: It is for the author to decide what to do with her/his work. 

After that, we can discuss models for it; we can talk about ways to manage the copies and the differences pertaining to physical or virtual products. We can also analyze the relationships between author's rights, patent models and public domain...

But after having agreed on it being an author's right to decide about her/his work.

If this is not your opinion, fine with me, argue your issue.

But, please, do stop pestering me on the meaning of "free"! 

I'm not going to change my point of view, and after reading your so-called "arguments" I couldn't care less about most of yours.  

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